My name is David Modic, PhD. I am a Research Associate at Cambridge University's Computer Lab, a Senior Non-Residental Member of King's College, Cambridge, a visiting scholar at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology, and the deputy head of CamCERT (social engineering).

The links above will lead you to my various academic pursuits.

If you wish to contact me, send me an email:  david.modic[at]cl.cam.ac.uk (replace the [at] with @).

I am listed in the Computer Lab directory, here.

I am an Honorary University Fellow at the University of Exeter.  Link to my Exeter e-profile page.

Photo (c) Jure Eržen

Visit: Psychology of deception resource page

NEWS (older news are here):

23rd May 2018. We (Jussi, Marianna, Michael and me) had an article on the Dark Triad and insurance fraud published in Cogent Psychology. It is open acess, download it here.

22nd May 2018. Talking about data breaches in Cambridge network at the NTK 2018 conference in Bernardin, Slovenia. Presentation is here [In Slovene].

06th April 2018. Giving an overview at FRI, Ljubljana, of a CyberSecurity Workshop run in Talinn in June (Collaboration between NATO, TTU and Cambridge). Blurb is here [in Slovene]. 

17th March 2018. Slovene newspaper Delo has published an interview with me. I still need to digitize it, but a subscription only version is here [IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE]. 

15th March 2018. StP-II paper finally published in PlosONE, after more than a year in review (Total review time in various journals was just over three years). Read it here (for free) .

23rd January 2018. Co-running a cybersecurity workshop in Vilnius (Lithuania) on behalf of the UK Government. Blurb is here.

20th November 2017. An invited talk at the Workshop on Economics and the human aspect of cyber-security (University of Kent).

15th November 2017. An invited talk at the Institute of Criminology, University of Ljubljana, titled: Men and Machines, the human aspects of cyber security.

14th November 2017. Giving an invited talk for the ISACA Slovenian Chapter on psychology of Cybersecurity (ISACA = Information Systems Audit and Control Association) .

28th October 2017. Co-hosting a panel on Cyber Security at the Cambridge Baltic Conference 2017: Security, Cyberwarfare & Populism.

15th June 2017. Giving an invited lecture at the Computer Science Department at the University of Ljubljana. The full video of the talk [in Slovene language] can be accessed here [880Mb].

25th May 2017. Talking about covert channels at the Security and Human Behavior 2017 Workshop in Cambridge.

19th May 2017. A series of podcasts on scams with me as a guest is published by Jackie Brambles (Broadstance media). Links to local copies are in the media clippings / interviews.







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