My name is David Modic, PhD. I am a Research Associate at Cambridge University's Computer Lab and a visiting scholar at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology.

The links above will lead you to my various academic pursuits.

If you wish to contact me, send me an email:  david.modic[at]cl.cam.ac.uk (replace the [at] with @).

I am listed in the Computer Lab directory, here.

I am an Honorary University Fellow at the University of Exeter.  Link to my Exeter e-profile page.

Photo (c) Jure Eržen

Visit: Psychology of deception resource page

NEWS (older news are here):

15th June 2017. Giving an invited lecture at the Computer Science Department at the University of Ljubljana. The full video of the talk [in Slovene language] can be accessed here [880Mb].

25th May 2017. Talking about covert channels at the Security and Human Behavior 2017 Workshop in Cambridge.

19th May 2017. A series of podcasts on scams with me as a guest is published by Jackie Brambles (Broadstance media). Links to local copies are in the media clippings / interviews.

17th May 2017. Giving a talk about Psychology of IT Security at the NT Conference in Bernardin, Slovenia.

30th November 2016. Giving a lecture at the University of Ljubljana on psychology of persuasion.

4th November 2016. Giving a talk about the Psychology of Insurance fraud at the Insurance Fraud Summit 2016 in Chichester.

5th October 2016. Giving a talk about Psychology of Insurance Fraud at the Institute of Criminology (Ljubljana)

14th September. Giving a talk about Psychology of Internet Fraud at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology Masters course.

26th July 2016. Giving a talk about Psychology of Auction Fraud at the 31st International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama, Japan. The presentation will be posted here after the Conference.







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