My name is David Modic, PhD. I am a Research Associate at Cambridge University's Computer Lab and a visiting scholar at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology.

The links above will lead you to my various academic pursuits.

If you wish to contact me, send me an email:  david.modic[at]cl.cam.ac.uk (replace the [at] with @).

I am listed in the Computer Lab directory, here.

I am an Honorary University Fellow at the University of Exeter.  Link to my Exeter e-profile page.

Photo (c) Jure Eržen

Visit: Psychology of deception resource page

NEWS (older news are here):

30th November 2016. Giving a lecture at the University of Ljubljana on psychology of persuasion.

4th November 2016. Giving a talk about the Psychology of Insurance fraud at the Insurance Fraud Summit 2016 in Chichester.

5th October 2016. Giving a talk about Psychology of Insurance Fraud at the Institute of Criminology (Ljubljana)

14th September. Giving a talk about Psychology of Internet Fraud at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology Masters course.

26th July 2016. Giving a talk about Psychology of Auction Fraud at the 31st International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama, Japan. The presentation will be posted here after the Conference.

16th May 2016. Gave a talk about attitudes towards security advice at the NT Conference 2016 (sponsored by Microsoft). The presentation [pptx] is here.

13th February 2016. Interviewed by Financial Times on romance fraud. Here is the link to the article [subscription needed]. Alternatively, you can google it (I did) and find a free copy.

7th December 2015. Giving an invited talk at the Financial Education and Investor Behaviour 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. Once the video is available, I will post it here.

23rd November 2015. CambridgeTV report on the Cambridge Tech Talks Conference. See the video here. If it is offline, here is a local copy.

20th November 2015. Ross Anderson blogs about our research into Emotional Impact of Internet Fraud at the Light Blue Touchpaper blog.

17th November 2015. Invited talk at Cambridge Tech Talks. Free entry. The schedule is here. After the presentation, I will upload the slides and video.

20th October 2015. Published an article in IEEE Security & Privacy, titled: "It's all Over but the Crying: The Emotional and Financial Impact of Internet Fraud". [local PDF copy].






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