Media Clippings

Here are some links / pdf's of my media appearances, interviews, videos of lectures.



  1. 419 Nigerian letters [SLO], partial video recording of a talk given at the Conference of Cyber-Criminology and Digital Forensics 2009 [Konferenca kibernetska kriminaliteta in digitalna forenzika 2009] in Ljubljana at the Faculty of Law. 
  2. Human factors of cyber-security. A video lecture given for edX free online course repository. [January 2015].
  3. Psychology of Internet fraud [SLO]. Full video of the lecture [880Mb] given to the Computer Science Department of University of Ljubljana [June 2017].

Research clippings

  1. Professor Ross Anderson (Cambridge)  talking about our common research into effectiveness of warnings at the Light blue Touchpaper (Security Research, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge blog) here: [October 28th 2013]
  2. Asdon blog post about our Psychology of Malware is here: [February 4th 2014]
  3. Threatpost review of Malware warnings paper is here: [January 7th 2014]
  4. Sophos blog-post about malware warnings paper is here: [January 16th 2014]
  5. ITPRO Portal post about malware warnings paper is here: [January 8th 2014]
  6. Communications of the ACM summary of our malware warnings paper: [January 13th 2014]
  7. C-NET news blurb about our malware warnings paper is here: [January 7th 2014]
  8. Slashdot featured the article here: [January 7th 2014] 
  9. Summary of the malware paper in German:





26th February 2019. Appeared on the show KODA (National Television), discussing Internet fraud in general. The show is in Slovene language. Online link is here (I appear around 7th minute). Here is a local copy [460MB / mp4]



June 2018. CallCredit hired me to do a short overview of my research area and talk about myself a bit.Their copy is on FraudSummit WebPage. In Case this gets taken down, here is a local, lower-res copy [mp4 720p,130Mb].

A Series of podcast interviews, conducted by Jackie Brambles (Broadstance media) as a companion piece to STV's TV Show. Available on iTunes. Here are the local copies [MP4]:



November 23rd, 2015. CambridgeTV report on the Cambridge Tech Talks Conference. See the video here. If it is offline, here is a local copy [mp4].


October 5th, 2015. Interview for the BBC Local Radio. Link to the Interview on the BBC site (the story starts at around 1:09:00 mark). Link to the local audio file [m4a].


Psychology Today cover

July 1st, 2015. Interview for Psychology Today. Link to the original story. Local repository PDF (if the link does not work anymore).


October 3rd, 2014. Interview for BBC Future. Link to the original story. Local repository PDF (if the link does not work anymore).


March 3rd, 2014. Interview for Slovene National Television (SLO1) show Tednik [SLO]. Link to the video (hosted here). Direct link to SLO1.

 Lenart J Kučić. January 12th, 2013. Magazine Delo - Saturday Supplement [SLO]. Direct link. PDF

Press releases
Facebook Mafia - radio play I wrote for the National Slovenian Radio [SLO]. Link to anouncement. Link to my blogpost containing the the audio of play itself.